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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

Plenty of dreams I've had have involved places that I've never been and don't exsist or just completely wild interpretations of how I "thinK" certain places might look. I had a dream once where I was captain of an aircraft carrier and the insides of it were some vauge mash-up of Kirk's Enterprise, Picard's Enterprise, and the submarine from "Crimson Tide."

My dreams have made up people I've never met, mashed together the two houses I lived in-growing up into one and other things that I think this movie got nicely in telling us how "dreams work." (Or seem how they work too us.)

I loved stuff like that in this movie. There's countless dreams (pretty much all of them) I recall where I've found myself in a completely mundane world that just seems as much like the "real world" as it can be and everything is normal. Somewhat crazy things are happening but as far as I know everything is at it should be even though, as Leo gave us in this movie, I've no memory of how I got to where I was or why I was there.

I loved the compounding dream time "dilation" which I thought was just wild, incorporating things going on in the real world (or in this movie's case the "upper level" from how deep they are in the dream levels) like music or sounds into the dreams, falls not killing you but just waking you up, etc. These are all things I've experienced in dreams.

Wild, wild stuff and this movie pulled it off nicely.

I also liked how Leo told Ellen that if she changed things too much, too often, and too bizarrely it'd tip people off that they weren't in reality. To not use "real places" as the person may see something off if they know the place well enough, etc. All stuff that just clicked and made sense to me.

Awesome movie, can't wait for the DVD.
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