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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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I don't know. My own dreams are fairly mundane. There can be surreality, but it's the sudden change in place or people swapping in and out surreality, not blatant Dali-style stuff like you're describing.
Let me put it this way.

I can more than believe, for the sake of argument, people have dreams like Inception - mundane dreams full of specific details and entirely built out and mapped out worlds.

The thing is, the film works on the assumption all dreams are like this. The possibility you'd enter a Dali painting never seems to cross anyone's mind - or, assuming they can control the 'architecture', who's to say he doesn't populate it with armies of rampaging werewolves?

The dreams in Inception are by definition strongly grounded in reality, and while the rules of physics can be bent, they can't break - you've got to reason out physical rules in a dream world to create the kick when it's weightless.

I'd never be able to dream something that complex, and also I once had a flying dream where I levitated by spinning my arms.
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