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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Why do I get the feeling that Maren's last thought does NOT bode well for the next chapter...

Another excellent chapter. As usual I am jealous of your character building skills (I think only Gibraltar is on par with creating awesome characters through scenes like these!) The confrontation between Adele and Malik had sparks flying all over the place, and it is nice to be reminded once again why Adele is captain - she can be a hardass when she needs to be as she shows in this chapter.

The following scene between Icheb and Maren... I really feel for these two. As you said in one of your comments, there has been definite progress since the beginning of the story, a testament to how well you have written their arcs. They have both been through a lot, together and apart, it is nice to see that they are finally ready to talk.

Of course whether you will give them that time in the middle of a galactic war...

As usual, a fantastic chapter. So glad to see this back. And can't wait for more!!!
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