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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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Can't seem to find a new page today. The 7/17 link points to 7/7...

My bad. It should be working now.

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True, but simply changing the link from the previous entry by replacing the "a" at the end results in a working URL:
Quite so. Thanks!

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well you know for other sets you can possibly redress the main bridge, i mean just move one of the forward stations to the rear where the turbo lift is, replace the helm / nav console with tng like ones and you have a bridge similar to a constellation class or ambassador class or you could take the main view screen out put a small jutting corridor with that ends with a door, get a pool table, and replace the captains chair / consoles with a warp core, and then you have engineering. whipped a quick image for your consideration...
Intriguing. Not sure I would remove the viewscreen, but certainly can remove the others stuff and relocate. Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely keep that in mind.

The past three days, I've worked on the bridge railing, and this evening, I realized it's not going to work. Got to rethink that problem altogether...
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