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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Wow, go offline for the weekend and come back to reviews! Gotta love that! Thanks, everyone!

Gibraltar -- This:
Gibraltar wrote:
The person each of them wants most in all the universe is right next to them, but they may as well be on opposite sides of the galaxy so large is the emotional gulf between them.
is so true it damned near made me sniffly. (What can I say? I've been writing these two for over a year now! I can't help but feel for them even though I'm the one torturing them -- and oh yeah, of course, they're not real, either , but you know as well as I do that they feel that way after a while! I remember you saying writing a certain scene with Liana in particular really hit you hard. ) Anyway, they're definitely leaving a lot unsaid for now, and time will tell whether they'll ever be able to discuss the past, let alone the present or a possible future. As for Adele, yes, she's got her game face on. We'll see how it goes ... thanks again for reading and reviewing. I'll try to have more "candy" for you soon, "Daddy."

tau136 -- Thanks for another thoughtful review! I think you may be surprised by how much was actually communicated in that little exchange between Icheb and Maren. The fact that he touched her like that and she didn't run away or try to slap him this time is significant. They may not know quite what to do with one another right now, but they're making some kind of progress. We'll see if it continues -- both of them still have secrets to tell each other that may not be handled well. But the biggest one is out in the open, so we'll see how that goes. Speaking of Icheb's little situation, I'm glad you like the connection to the backstory. I thought the ending of Imperfection was over the line even for Voyager in terms of technobabble reset buttons, so I went ahead and broke the reset button. That'll be something of a theme ... actions have consequences, even if it takes them years to happen.

-- Welcome, new reader! Glad to have you along; thanks so much for reading and reviewing! To answer your question -- I don't know. When I named her, I honestly forgot about the original T'Pring (having not seen Amok Time since I was a little kid), and actually failed to even Google the name (a mistake I stopped making early on, but not early enough!). So really, the name is a coincidence. That said, there's nothing in canon to indicate she couldn't be a distant descendant of the 'original' T'Pring. So ... I guess I could leave it to you all to tell me what you think ... T'Pring -- descended from infamy, or just rather unfortunately named? (It won't affect anything but backstory for this book, but it could affect a future story. Any thoughts?)

Anyway, thanks to all for the great commentary. Sorry for the slowness on these early chapters, but life has put me through some big stuff recently and I'm just now getting back into a normal routine again. More story soon, though.
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