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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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Eventually, I intend to build a corridor set. One of our special effects guys (who appears as our chief engineer in our series) is talking about creating a couple of engineering consoles and using a green screen in the background for our engine room. So far, we don't have any scripts either in the works or received to date with a Sickbay, so that's not a priority. And nothing in those scripts and stories indicate we need to construct a transporter room set either.

well you know for other sets you can possibly redress the main bridge, i mean just move one of the forward stations to the rear where the turbo lift is, replace the helm / nav console with tng like ones and you have a bridge similar to a constellation class or ambassador class

or you could take the main view screen out put a small jutting corridor with that ends with a door, get a pool table, and replace the captains chair / consoles with a warp core, and then you have engineering. whipped a quick image for your consideration...

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