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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

Excellent movie! Have a question though.

How much control of the world did they have? Kitty Pryde was altering the world in the test scenario but Leo said that if you do that they'll realize it's a dream. So I took that to mean that once she pre-creates the scenario and the target is in the world you can't change it or he'll wake up.

But they had the guy sedated and told him it was a dream. So couldn't they have altered things then?

The point where they're shooting in the warehouse and Cobra Commander can't hit the guy then Shinzon comes along with a grenade launcher and says think bigger... was that supposed to be him imagining a larger weapon? Or did he literally just grab that weapon from their pre-existing stash?

And at the end when they're in limbo, they earlier said that Leo and the wife were gods there and created reality to their liking. So why couldn't Leo or Kitty alter it to whatever they wanted it to be?

And the ending... were we supposed to be left to our interpretation whether the top falls or not? It looked like it was wobbling at the end, and before in the dream it never wobbled. Because if that WAS still the dream, then what happened? Leo finds Old Man Ra'sh Al Ghul in limbo, then thinks he escapes but is just in a further dream construct? And he never woke up on the plane and we never saw a real world resolution to the caper?
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