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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

In our test vignette filming this coming Friday, all the action takes place on the bridge. It's only a four minute film; the idea is to see how our set, lighting, cameras, sound, etc work, as well as give everyone a chance to get the chuckles out of them.

I'm hoping to film the first episode in early August before high school football season starts.

As far as the sets go, we built, filmed and struck our Klingon bridge set (not much to it, even though it took days to build). We've got a two-dimensional background made of printed vinyl in mind for the turbolift set that will be set up behind the "working" turbolift doors.

We plan on constructing a small ready room for the first episode. The location is my office at Fast Copy, mainly because it's so oddly shaped, readily convenient, and free of rent. The only real change will be the modification of an outside wall to have a window to space and the hanging of pocket doors and a wall across one end of the space. Lennier1 has been very helpful in this design, and construction shouldn't take very long. Like the bridge, the readyroom set will be kept in standing condition.

Eventually, I intend to build a corridor set. One of our special effects guys (who appears as our chief engineer in our series) is talking about creating a couple of engineering consoles and using a green screen in the background for our engine room. So far, we don't have any scripts either in the works or received to date with a Sickbay, so that's not a priority. And nothing in those scripts and stories indicate we need to construct a transporter room set either.

But who knows? Might have a sudden need, and then we'll see...
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