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Re: Favorite Starfleet Uniform Design

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The Enterprise uniforms were the first ones that looked really believable. I loved how the Kelvin uniforms in STXI are a stylized halfway between ENT and TOS...


All-time worst looking gear? The alternate futures of "All Good Things" and "Endgame". Worst fugly PJ's ever. Bizarrely these are very similar to the far-superior Kelvin uniforms. I guess that's the difference a big budget makes.
Pretty much my sentiments exactly. I really liked the whole 'NASA/submarine in space' look that Enterprise went for. And we finally got to see some common sense in the form of pockets

Then again, I really like the FC era grey-on-black uniforms. They don't give the impression of Starfleet being as friendly as the TNG or DS9/VOY jumpsuits due to the lack of colour, but it looks good on screen.

And I am so glad I'm not alone with disliking the future uniform we saw a handful of times. I don't know what it is I don't like, I just remember my heart sinking during Endgame when they dragged out that uniform again, but I can't put my finger on why.
Let's bluesify it by, like, twenty percent...
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