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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

TheBrew wrote: View Post
I think that it would have been better mindfuck if maybe the whole thing was his wife's dream. She is the only other person who would know the weight of Cobb's totem and therefore it would react correctly in the dream world.
I thought about this possibility during rail track scene. In fact, I couldn't make out what she screamed just before the train hit them and I remember thinking if what she screamed was a revelation that it was her dream, but that didn't bear fruit.

TheBrew wrote: View Post
One thing that makes me think the ending was a dream was that his kids look exactly the same as they have in his previous dreams (except he can see their faces). It is implied that he hasn't seen them in a good while and that they should be older. The fact that they still look exactly like he remembered them makes me lean towards it being a dream.
I also noticed this and made me wonder if there was any mention how long he went into exile. That being said, we did hear the children's voices during the phone call and it sounded like the same voices we hear at the end. Add to that the children's question about when Mommy would return. I'm thinking only about six months or so passed since Cob left.
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