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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss


Rated: PG-13

My Grade: A


Not a movie had planned on seeing but my buddy wanted to go see it tonight so we did. Glad I did, I wouldn't have likely seen it otherwise. A brilliant movie that combines The Matrix, What Deams May Come, and a drop of Ocean's Eleven to make an engrossing movie.

It's hard to give too much of a plot synopsis without spoiling but I'll try. In this movie Leo DiCaprio plays a secret agent of somekind who specializes in drugging people, "breaking in to their dreams" using some-kind-of device and then manipulatiung that dream to extract hidden information from inside the subject (who doesn't know they are in a dream unless something tips him off.) The movie spends a pretty good ammount of time, much like The Matrix, explaining to the audience the "rules" within dreamland, time is exagerated (i.e. much like real-world dreaming what is hours in the "real world" can really be days in the dream world, disturbing the "reality" of the dream too can tip the subject's subconcious off that something is messed up and doing something in the dream (like falling or killing yourslef) will wake you up (again much like in the real world falling will jerk you awake.) It's all pretty complicated and interestingly laid out the only drawback being that the technology that allows this isn't too much explained.

This isn't a big deal as it's just a plot device to explore some of the deeper issues with Leo's character and something that occured with him in the past that resulted in the death of his life after spending a "life time" in the dream world. (See, if you use the dream-world technolgy that's inside the dream world you compound the time difference. So now what passes as days in the secondary dream world is hours in the first dream world which is minutes in real world.) Leo's character is presented with an opportunity to clear his name in the US so he can return home to his kids if uses the dream-world technology to help out a powerful businessman, Leo then assembles a "team" of people whom he'll need to pull this off (like in the Oceans movies.) this includes an "architect" played by Ellen Page who is needed to "design" the look of the world and the mind-bending things that can happen there since physics doesn't exsist (sort-of like in the Matrix.) Though there's techonological limits they'll have to break to pull this off Leo goes through with it anyway to get the chance to return home.

The core story is sort-of flimsy, the technology ill defined or explained but the way it's pulled off is masterful and mind-bending. Leaving this movie I felt a lot like how I felt after watching The Matrix for the first time (the first one, that is) with the manipulation of the "dream world."

Very good movie I highly reccomend it.
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