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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Perfect, thanks! Those diagrams are absolutely essential in figuring out layout. Once we got your bridge illos those several weeks ago, you'll notice that production kicked up into overdrive. They were very important in helping us conceptualize what we're doing. And while the end product doesn't exactly match, the inspiration is there.

Yes, I took a break Friday night and watched three off-beat movies (She Creature, Suspiria and Zerophilia) before calling it a night. All three were rather odd; She Creature had the edge on all three.

Saturday, though, has been productive. Finished the carpeting completely. Looked at air conditioners at Lowes (bought a fan for tonight's work), bought some metal brackets that will help me hold the railing together, and chatted with Thomas Sasser. We're beginning to get the detail decals going up. Going to get some doodads from Thomas that will help make the vignette pretty solid.

I really should update the site with some new pics now that the bridge is almost done, but I want to keep putting coats of paint on those railings. Maybe tomorrow...
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