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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Oh that interchange between Icheb & Maren; a primer in what not to do ó just like two ships sailing by and flashing code lights at each other; but theyíre working from different code books. Maren might be the genius young engineer but right now she seems more like a computer with an antivirus system thatís only half a step ahead of a morphing virus Ľ she unloads a secret thatís been crippling her for years but gains a fear of Borg that sheís never had before; its hot to cold and back again, ad infinitum it seems. Mayhap, Adele and Maren herself have downplayed the extent of her injuries and emotional state overly much as the needs of the mission loom large in front of them; is she going to be sacrificed on the altar of concern for the missing ships? The only good to come of Marenís vulnerability is to begin to draw Icheb back but it canít be good at all once they move from emotion to needing effectiveness. Icheb certainly has food for thought when he is put in virtually the same position he had 7of 9 in on Voyager; and it is so neat how well canon backstory is dovetailing into this chapter.

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The last thing anyone needed was another unpleasant surprise.
As if . . .
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