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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Last episode started slow but built up a good head of steam; now we’re fairly motoring — you’re determined to keep us off balance and doing a good job too. The teaser with Prin doubting the video instinctively and all the time holding a balance between her old habits + gut responses and her new identity + role in the Federation. A nice touch seeing her making XO notes to herself even while Captaining the situation

Finally Ianto comes back into the picture, parachuted in from nowhere almost; with his obviously enhanced enmeshment with the ship will he be able to ferret out more than any other investigator and will he be believed even if he does? That is if he lasts long enough to make a difference; putting him in a Red Shirt is . . . ominous.

CaptainSarine wrote: View Post
Prin didn’t count herself amongst their number. She had fought for more than just freedom from the Dominion – she had fought for those very ideals. Once she joined Starfleet, she took those oaths very seriously.

Including the one that promises Federation citizens a fair trial. As much as she hated to admit it, Kalara might not receive that in the current climate. Ba’el himself was far from clear headed when it came to the Klingon lieutenant.
A chilling reference to Sarine there; he is hardly clear headed about anything right now. At the very moment Prin is thinking of her Captain there may no longer be a Captain Sarine — whether assassinated or assimilated. This is turning out to be a tale of shadows in more ways than one— Kalara and Ianto shadow Sarine and Prin; two Captains and two Execs. The dynamics between the matched pairs are powerful enough but when you add to the mix all the permutations that can be run between the foursome it is a veritable shadow dance.

Oh and then you throw everyone into the build up to a minor war where nothing at all is clear. Now we want to know who was the escapee, who the pursuers, what is happening to Onyx, what is happening to the Away Team and, naturally, none of the questions from the last Chapter and not all of those from the last arc are answered yet. To cap it off — is the Behemoth referring to the attack on Sarine or has something else happened? What could send the station into spasm; Sarine being plugged into the circuits, the Kruin being extinguished or both! Pure evil authorship.

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