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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

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Page didn't do anything with her knowledge of Cobb's problems, any time she discovered another level. Going along with Cobb because he's a nut case to do nothing about it is definitely pointless. Who knows why the others thought she was there?
She was helpful to him, especially at the end; and even if she wasn't, she didn't know exactly what was going to happen. That's plenty of motivation to go along.

As for the others, they've already got one "tourist". I don't see why they'd object.
The originally planned inception dream would qualify as a seed planted in a dream. But Murphy knows that extraction is possible and takes it seriously enough to get anti-extraction training. When DiCaprio tells him in a dream he's being attacked, it would be alarming and memorable. If he's going to forget that, he's going to forget it all, including the idea.
The idea was planted much deeper in his subconscious. Besides which, even if he did remember the other stuff, he'd be worried about extraction, not inception, something everybody seems to believe is impossible.

Really, though, that's a really extraordinary level of nitpicking for a totally made-up sci-fi process.
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But there is one thing confusing me, which is why he needs to give Saito a gun. I thought he needed to find Saito to help his mind survive the unconstructed dream state (how mystical yet drab that jargon is!)
Is this supposed to mean he did to Saito what he did to Moll? And that Saito will eventually go mad and kill himself?
He didn't "need" to give Saito a gun, but the implication was that Saito used the gun to kill himself/DiCaprio, thus freeing them from the dream state.

Twirling the top had the impact it did on the wife because it was lodged in the representation of her repressed mind or whatever you want to call it; for Saito he just brought it with him and twirled it in front of him. So it's probably not the same thing.
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