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Re: Inception (Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio) Grading & Discuss

I voted Excellent.

Great film. Fantastically original. Definitely my favorite film of the year.

It is hard to explain this film but it was definitely awesome. Loved the cast and the zero gravity fight was a highlight. That was really Tommy from 3rd Rock? Agreed about the performances of both Ken Watanbe and Cillian Murphy. They were standouts. Nice to see Ellen Page's character wasn't a token love interest. Liked seeing so many familiar faces although Tom Berenger is looking like Marlon Brando. He looked even worse on the Major League DVD featurette.

Loved the point they raised that a person can never remember how a dream started. It's so true. You just pick up in the middle of it.


-Found the accents to be a little hard to understand and I missed a few things that were said.

-That dude should get his money back. His "security force" looks like they learned their shooting from the Imperial stormtroopers.

Observation...the audience was packed but it seemed like at least 80% of the crowd was middle-aged. Was this true at other showings? Just curious.

All and all, a great experience and I have more admiration for the work of Christopher Nolan.
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