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Re: LCARS Website Template

This is an ambitious project. I had a couple LCARS websites when I was in high school ( pics )and learned a lot about it. I do wish I had the ability to import specialized fonts back then. That's a big help for something like an LCARS layout.

As for what you have so far, I think it could use a good deal of work. One of the big things for this sort of site is the color scheme. These are some of the standard colors...

For your first template set, it might be best to shoot for a fixed width layout in the 900px range. That would fix the 0 margin /padding you have right now. Having the graphic elements right at the edge of the page doesn't look very good. I would also spend more time getting the LCARS "curve" right, that elbow that links the horizontal and vertical graphic elements. I spent a lot of time on that myself and didn't get it quite right. I'm sure you could get closer to getting it "right" though.

Also, the text in the corners of graphic elements 'belong' in the bottom right corner more often than not.

on your stand alone page title bars, you might consider breaks in the bar with the text between the break, like this...

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