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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Great work CMT. I've always wanted to see a 3D deck by deck version of my favorite starship. I wish someone did some maps of this ship for EliteForce. They did it for the original Enterprise.

Some observations and questions.
1. Main Engineering looks like the Turboshaft goes in front of the pressure door we see in TMP and TWOK sets, at the front of engineering. Am I seeing that correctly. While it is not the definitive source, Mr. Scotts guide says the turbo shaft shifted over on the deck above after exiting the dorsal. It also says this deck, which you say is cramped, housed the engineering computer system. Could you not have your shaft shift over on this deck to? I think its Turbo shaft did not go straight down the dorsal, but did a stair step drop down the back of the dorsal.

2. Does your dorsal support emergency saucer sep?

3. Again, Mr. Scotts Guide shows a vertical computer core running from under Deck A to the sensor dome on the bottom of the saucer.

4. The concave sections are supposed to support tanks for water and air and hydrogen.

5. Do you have room on your port rear side of F & G decks for the aux fusion reactors?

6. Does your F deck have the exterior hatch used in TMP to exit E and walk to V'GER?

7. Do you have stair wells and or ladders down the center of the saucer and the rear of the dorsal?

On the topic of bridges, personally if I was the ships designer, I would replace that A deck airlock with the Captains ready room and make that a window and remove that console behind the CON with a door to the room. I like the TWOK bridge layout, but prefer the TFF workstations. But I know you're trying to make as faithful as possible version of the TMP version.

Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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