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Re: The Infinite Debate...

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I've never really thought about it too hard, but I don't think it's like a lot of these concept drawings of orbs or colums or organicy looking things floating in some nether realm - to me its a machine or a ship .I don't like all these modern notions taken from the novels that TARDIS' are organic. If you watch the classic series it's clearly a machine. Oh sure, it posesses a sentience of some sort, but it's not organic imo. The interior simply occupies a different dimensional space.

I think it's option 5.
I like the way you think, that the ship should be a ship, and mechanical, and possess a sentience, but not be some coral organic creature..

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it's a narrative construct allowing the principal protaganists to transit from story to story with ease.
This could also be said about the Enterprise in Star Trek or the Millenium Falcon in Star Wars. In fact, this accurately describes every vehicle in fiction. This however has never stopped a specific group of fans to draw detailed schematics or deckplans and write detailed articles or even entire tech manuals on those ships and every minute detail of their technology.
It's as valid an angle to view a show as concentrating on any other aspect of that show, e.g. character-development.
Well put..
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