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Star Trek: Wildfire


A Star Trek Voyager Novel
by Frank Atlas

Book I: Sleeping at Warp
Book II: Burn Factor

Hi all! Haven't had much time to check in at the TrekBBS, Real Life just takes the cake sometimes. But with a baby and a new business, I've only had time for a project or two (when Herself isn't looking). I hope soon I can return to the regular chat more often, so don't forget me!

Here is part II of my novel. The novel is now called Wildfire. Hey what can I say, I'm making it up as I go.

I've also designed a new front & back cover for it. I'd appreciate any feedback!

Since it's a novel that I'm posting here at the Trek BBS, it might undergo some changes which I'd be unable to update here. After the novel is complete (we're halfway now), I will be posting a free, nicely-formatted e-book for download, so it'll read more like a book.

I want to thank you all for dropping in! I'll continue to update as I'm able. Remember to subscribe to this thread if you want to be alerted to new chapters. Hope you enjoy it!

Frank (Triskelion)

Front Cover

Back Cover


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