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Doctor Who Movie Retrospective (music video)

Here's a fan tribute to the 1996 TV Movie.

It mixes my love for Doctor Who and the Manchester band, Oasis... who I would've been listening to around the time Paul McGann appeared that decade. Not this particular track though, because it's one of their last together... but there's still something about the lyrics that fit perfectly to me. Aiming at an ambitious target but falling short.

I approached the video as a widescreen project. Which meant cropping the footage, so it looks more like a film... or the New Series. It's done from the Eighth Doctor's point of view and concerns the TVM mostly. However the Seventh Doctor is in there obviously, as well as a look at the earlier regenerations. It ends with the Eighth Doctor returning to Gallifrey, a montage foreshadowing his future selves, with soundbytes about the Time War and what I imagine could be his final moment.

Here's a link to the You Tube version, which had its soundtrack blocked for a while.

In the end, I had to audioswap the music for copyright reasons with something suitable and instrumental, among a limited choice. But I think the replacement works okay, given I didn't really have it in mind when I was doing the editing.

I've kept this low key for a few months, not knowing where to post it. I think some boards like Gallifrey Base still don't allow links to this sort of video.

I hope you enjoy.
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