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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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One of the things I love about the movie is that it restores the idea that starships are truly massive, powerful vessels, and commanding one is a grave undertaking with great responsibility. As much as I enjoyed the previous Trek movies, only a handful of them came close to this idea. In STXI, the Kelvin, the Enterprise, huge, state of the art, complex starships that felt real, that had mass and weight, they conveyed a sense of awe and technical wonder, that these truly were the best ships of the line. I can almost believe that they really did (or will) exist.
Agreed 100%. Although it had less Enterprise than any prior film, they made starships special, in I way I haven't felt since I read Diane Carey's old novels Final Frontier and Dreadnought.

For the first time I "believed" we were seeing people on giant starships and not plywood sets. I thought the huge breweries and power plants looked fantastic as starship guts.
That was one of my favorite points as well, the real feel of the insides of a starship, the less pretty but far more practical aspects that gave it the heft it had. One of my particularly enjoyable moments was when the Enterprise emerges from warp as they arrive at Vulcan, and it's almost like you can feel the strain of the ship and it's incredibly powerful engines. For the first time, I felt like the crew were sitting on top of this barely containable power plant that propelled them at unthinkable speeds through space. I never felt that way about any of the previous movies, even the TOS crew movies. With those it all felt seamless, like the ship just glided through space, coming to a stop expertly and instantly, where with STXI, the ship felt palpable, like a real object in space. Loved it.
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