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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Mytran - Well, worse than going nowhere, I don't think the completed matte painting as filmed wouldn't fit the accepted 305m ship ...

When I overlay the film version to match up I ended up:
  • moving the 3rd floor balcony bracing aft a little
  • moved the turbolift shaft aft about 10' (still doesn't line up with the exterior port
  • moved side cargo walls outward
  • lowered the height of the shuttle elevator section
  • lengthened the shuttle elevator section
  • created the bracing for the flight deck which is substantially wider than the cargo section
There were some elements I couldn't match up mostly because the painted on elements are slightly exaggerated in perspective or when viewed at the other angle don't match up. I've tried to align them as best I could

I think I'll try rescaling the exterior using the exterior port position and the flight deck height to get a revised "Thermian" scale of the refit.

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