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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Sarek of Vulcan wrote: View Post
...the idea that starships are truly massive, powerful vessels
Notwithstanding various technical flaws on the science, I would agree that the sound, cinematography, and CGI did give this "feel" admirably and in a well coordinated way!

Sarek of Vulcan wrote: View Post
, and commanding one is a grave undertaking with great responsibility.
I can't agree that such a message was conveyed by the film I saw. I base my impression on Bridge Officer behavior that (with only minor exceptions) ranged from complete ignorance, through various degrees of incompetence, up to and including genocidal aggression and mass murder. In addition, this behavior was set against dialog that contradicted normal logic, reasonable military rules, actions we see onscreen, and even other dialog.

As much as I enjoyed the previous Trek movies, only a handful of them came close to this idea.
Without any recent viewings, I think only 4 really lacks a good "massive" ship scene, from what I remember...Even the stupidly overdone 1701D saucer-section crash scene gave a memorable feel of weight and size.

In STXI, the Kelvin, the Enterprise, huge, state of the art, complex starships that felt real,
Based on these ships' reactions, I can't really agree. The all-but helpless Kelvin was able to out-perform entire fleets of Klingon battlecruisers and Starfleet ships with only one man as the Bridge was exploding around him. Combine a mall-sized engineering section filled with parsecs of empty space, brick walls, and staffed by a Chief Engineer who has "Never seen anything like" a "knocked out warp drive", and I think I would be unlikely to label the starship as having a "real" feel to it. For a contrasting film that seems so real, one actually gets claustrophobic watching, I judge "Das Boot" as one of the best; Some of the Alien movies, SW, Firefly, and even Waterworld did well at this also in the SF genre.
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