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Re: The Infinite Debate...

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How is it not just bigger on the inside? Given that is how characters have described it for 40+ years, I think the burden of proof is on you.

It can jettison its rooms because it can. Don't think so three-dimensionally.
The statement it is bigger on the inside is an over simplification of what people first notice about the Tardis..I am not disputing that the ship is what it is and has been said to be over the last 40 years, I am only suggesting that is simply more then just bigger on the inside..

how is trying to figure out why it can jettison rooms considered 3 dimensional thought? if it can jettison rooms then it is not simply a big box, and therefore is some kind of modular ship.. it has been referred to as a ship by the doctor and numerous characters for the last 40 years as well, plus it has engines.. and so much more..

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Damn. I came in expecting a 'which was the best Doctor?' poll.

Leaves dissapointed.
that is a can o' worms I DO NOT want to re-open..

on another note, those who voted and believe it is just bigger on the inside, can you please explain to me how it can possibly jettison 25% of it's rooms??
Because it was convenient to the plot at the time to say so and needs no further explanation.

I would by into what you say, except that it has been used by other doctors as well.. so it wasn't a one time event..
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