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Re: Question: star trek and current events

There's a piece in one of the 'Best of Trek' fan writing anthologies from the early 1980s, with Kirk having to face a media interview just after Wrath of Khan. It's along the lines of...
"So, Admiral Kirk, how did this attacker who'd hijacked the Reliant manage to damage the Enterprise, with substantial casualties, when Starfleet regulations clearly state..."
"Are you really telling me that 20 years ago, on finding one of the greatest war criminals of the 20th Century alive, you simply decided to give him a planet on your own authority?"
"This isn't the first time you took command of your old ship and immediately made a potentially fatal error, is it? I've been leaked these files on your conduct during the 'wormhole problem' with the Enterprise's warp drive during the V'Ger incident."
Etc, etc.

If facing a hostile interviewer, whether press or Congress-equivalent, Kirk could be made to look very bad over his conduct in large numbers of episodes. And that goes for all the other captains too.
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