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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

Hm, now I wonder if it was an infomercial about the quality of exercise.

Random trampoline dude: Hey!

ZQ: Me?

RTD : Yes, you sir. You look like you could use some exercise.

ZQ: (mildly offended because he * is * the yoga god) What?

RTD: Oh sure, you've got the body of a yoga god, but it could be better! Here. Try this out for size. It's the jump-o-matic 3000.

ZQ: (intrigued) But, I'm wearing flip-flops.

RTD: That's ok! Here, let me help you. Now jump! I'll do it along with you.

ZQ: (jumping)

RTD: That's it, you got it! Now for just three payments of 19.95, this and my whole system of DVDs and diet suggestions...

ZQ: (politely interupting) sorry, man, but I've got to go. My um... dog needs walking.

RTD: Well, if you change your mind... I'm here all day.

ZQ: (trotting off) Yeah, I'll think about it!
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