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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

CeJay -- But I LIKE commas! (Just for you, I went back and took a couple out, though. You're right, not every sentence has to be a compound one.)

Seriously, though, I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. Icheb and Maren are still light years from getting things back to the way they used to be between them, but then again, so much has happened that things may never really be the same. That's growing up for you. But yeah, it's definitely nice to see Icheb touch her and not get slapped, and to see her hold his hand instead of trying to run away.

You're right about Maren -- she's extremely distracted. We'll see what happens with that. Thanks for the review!

Miranda Fave -- Thanks so much for the review! You're right, Adele and Malik are not instant buddies. Adele is still pissed off about the "you kidnapped my first officer" incident, and Malik does not like trusting or giving control to anyone else. Besides all that, these two are a just match made in hell, personality-wise. If nothing else, maybe Adele will appreciate Icheb more now that she's getting to know some other ex-drones.

As far as Icheb goes, yeah, he had a rough start with Starfleet for sure. Good thing he's stubborn, plus he had Janeway and the rest of the VOY crew (and later Maren ... and John, in his own way ) advocating for him and encouraging him. A less stubborn person might not have stuck with it.

I have no idea why you think things will be anything but smooth on the resistance ship. As for Icheb and Maren and their relationship ... see-saw is one way to describe it. I think I'd compare it to a yo-yo. Rather than a straight back-and-forth movement, it's sort of two steps forward, one step back, like what happens when someone isn't very good with a yo-yo (that'd be me). And with that, I'm off to find coffee, because clearly my metaphors start to suffer with lack of caffeine.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!
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