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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Hi all! So good to be back! Thanks for all the comments.

Admiral Young

Thanks so much for your comment. So glad that you enjoyed this chapter so much. You can definitely look forward to these weekly installments - I am hard at work on the next chapter as we speak!

Now to disappoint you - no, I'm afraid 'Lo is not Lowbacca. 'Lo is the name of the Gungan first officer of the Falcon in this reality. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. As to whether Lowbacca exists in this reality... We'll have to wait and see!

Glad you liked Lando as captain of the Falcon - like you said, no Han to play him, so no Han to win the Falcon off him. I always thought Lando loved that ship as much as if not more than Han and he looked at home when he piloted her (in ESB and ROTJ).

As for the Obi-wan revelation - it may be the length between installments, but I had planned this to be a surprise so maybe it is just my wonderful writing...

Thanks again for the comments!

Nerys Ghemor

Glad you liked seeing Lando back in the Falcon - we haven't seen him since back in the first five chapters, so it was fun to get back to him.

As for the Anakin severance: I promise some revelations from some surprising sources coming in a few chapters time.

Watch this space!
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