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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

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Starsuperion ... beautiful work again!

I hope you forgive me for doodling over your graphics, but it's easier to discuss things if I point out the sections I'm talking about.

I almost get the sense that the sections highlighted in gold below are intended to move:
Yes, those sections move outward, as the interior reassembles and spins into a new directed configuration by the orbs above and below, which are gravitational beams..I am glad you like the designs thus far..

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As modules in the central core are added and jettisoned, do the upper and lower sections move up and down while the shield generators move in and out?
yes, the top rings do expand upwards on the top and downwards if on the bottom,but they don't separate just stretch outward via a telescopic "neck" of sorts connected to the center.. I may need to do a core shot which shows the center of the Tardis sans the rooms.....the reason the shield Generators move outward is to allow enough space (shield space expands) as the interior section is reconfigured..

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I think this design is starting to inspire a sense of grace and beauty again. My only complaint is that the areas highlighted below in green seem to be too straight along the edges:

I see what you mean, and yeah when I first did the design I had this idea of the funnel ring having a smaller one on top, but the ultimate goal of this design was to mimic the look of a tower of sorts from a castle, and the molecular modification machine seen in season 3 of Doctor who.. which was technology given to Lazarus by the Master, which in MHO resembles a Tardis console and yet is somehow familiar.. like I wanted my ultimate Tardis designs to feel like that..but then again, the Time Lords are regal, and somewhat kingly in their manner and style.. so that is why I focused on a symbol of kingliness, and style.. a tower. but then again the funnel shape fits the theoretical assumptions of how a ship would bend space and create it's own wormhole or time tunnel vortex..

here is a revised Tardis design with a better and more practical look..

practical as in it being larger on the top and the funnel gets smaller directing the warped space/time into a focused point near the center of the ship which forms the time vortex, and is fixated on a point in space/time.

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I've added a simple circle around the structure to indicate a possible field of force around the ship. The actual shape of this field can be anything and is probably more complicated as you've indicated in other illustrations. But I'm using a simple circle for discussing a design suggestion only. What if the edges of the upper and lower sections curved to follow the proposed field of force rather than sloped directly between a larger and smaller diameter structure?
I did experiment with some aspects similar to what you suggest, however, the shielding that a Tardis maintains only encompasses the middle room sections, as the outer area funnel rings (Massive engines) are held in the dimension, while the interior is closer to the cloister core, and thus access to reality, and the turbulent Gravitational/temporal eddies that plague the cloister core section..

ultimately the forcefield only encompasses the rooms section..

But the dimensional forces and gravitational field that creates the time vortex looks something like this:
this design is a mock up I am working on for my ultimate Guide to the is unfinished, but ultimately shows how the theory of the Tardis is presented.. being that the Tardis houses an artificial singularity as it's core, it is centered around what most science explains as wormholes, or time vortexes..since the ship exists in it's own dimension, it is able to fixate a point in space/time and use it's massive engines to move the ship throughout the cosmos..the reason the engines are so massive is because not only does the Tardis move the front door about the universe, the entire dimension that the Tardis rests in is also moved with that front door.. they are one and the same.. (hence relative dimensions as the inside is relative to the outside, and vice verse) that is why the central section of rooms is only shielded, because it is the only part of the ship exposed to our reality, and the engines are stationary in the dimension..

The 4th Dimensional Tesseract symbol shown in the diagram is making the point that the center of the box is the front door of the Tardis, as the rest of the structure around the box is the rest of the ship.. the focal point, or cradle in which the dimensionally linked console room is stored is the box shown around the shield generators of the silhouette shape in the center of the is under the shield generators that the Tardis console room is stored, for greatest protection..any number of onsole rooms are left in a cradle section below those generators, and each can be accessed by the not only does the doctor pilot his ship from that one cradled console room, he can move about the ship, and pilot older versions and alternate versions of the console room housed in that same cradled structure which is held separate from the rest of the core rooms,if need be the cradle can separate from the rest of the rooms section and those rooms can be jettisoned..the time lord engineers designed it that way to expell dangerous experiments, or forces in space that could effect the ship, or to provide thrust power if need be..

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I'm a big proponent of form following function, and the lines of force of a magnetic field (for example) are beautiful curves. Any structure that followed such lines of force (presumably for some super-science purposes) would also reflect that beauty and bring to mind a technology melded with nature.
this is true, however you must consider that for practical reasons the Tardis would be mainly a funnel with a core, and the rooms with some scientific equipment added for data retrieval..and communication dishes, or advanced communication equipment.. the large curves would not look good on the Tardis.. It just would not need such things..though if you want to see a ship that has much more style, then wait till you see the Type 7, Rassilon's Huge Massive ship..the image above shows how the vortex flows through the ship and the ripples of energy and magnetic and gravitational forces that flow around the Tardis, in effect giving it a natural shielding from within it's own dimension, however, this does not protect it from damage from within, or it burning up, which is why it would last for such a long time, as the ship would burn up and not expand in it's own dimension, rather burst through to ours as pure flame... like we saw in the big bang episode..

again, the design elements of the ship with the aspect of it looking like castle tower of sorts, until you look at it form the top.. the shield sections on this design move outward, and are not hinged, they just slide outward like drawers..

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Finally, I have one final image to throw out at you:

That cityscape is somewhat iconic. And I'm fascinated with the sphere surrounding the city. I wonder if the original intent was to make it reminiscent of a snow globe or Christmas ornament. It's just a wild idea intended as nothing more than brainstorming, and I'm in no way trying to tell you how to build your fleet, but what if TARDISes looked, in five dimensional space, like glittering Christmas ornaments with golden arches and crystalline spires?
that would be kinda cool.. but no, I think that the shield that protects the Citadel was a unique feature Rassilon preserved for the time lords base of operations only.. as to the nature of the Tardis designs and the look they now have evolved from.. let me give you the pinnacle of my research..

the only ship we ever saw that showed what time lord technology would look like as a spaceship the time station Zenobia!
..based on that design, I was able to try to do something that carried that ship design spirit on to the Tardis so the space station and the time lord Tardises had the same feel..

I think that you are making the same mistake I was initially and that was to interject too much style into a ship, which actually should not because it just wouldn't be practical or necessary..

honestly though I think that with your questions you raised, It helped me refine the look of these ships, and I thank you for that..
also in a way I took the ships engines and inverted them, so you could say that I took the doctor's advice and reversed the polarity..LOL

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