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Re: Various Sketches, Ideas, Etc.

Yeah, other primary hull shapes really aren't working for me. Wide ovals would necessitate a redesign of the engineering hull, circles don't really gel with the shapes, long ovals make it seem a bit too Ent-E-ish, and pointy arrowheads are kinda overdone anyways, so I'm shelving that idea for now.

Aaanyways, I'm trying to nail down:

A) Specific era

It's a post 2360s ship obviously, but I'm not certain about what year, specifically. I was thinking somewhere in the 2371-2378 range.

B) Class Name

I dunno. Interceptor? Enkidu?

My idea about its purpose is that it's a high-speed transport designed for ferrying small teams to planets/stations/etc., in the event of invasion or some other emergency that warrants Marines/Security/Vacuumn Cleaner Salesman/whatever fills that role in your personal canon. It'd provide logistics and fire support from orbit. If neecessary, the shovel can ditch the stardrive and act as a base camp.

During peacetime, it would make a handy planetary survey ship, in terms of hauling plenty of dudes and analysis equipment to a planet. While its a nice science ship, the Nova-class really doesn't seem cut out for the gettin' your hands dirty kind of survey work. Again, support, logistics, instant base camp.
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