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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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Before it gets too old, here's a thought on desgn variants, or perhaps a challenge:

1) In "Castrovalva", the gang jettisons about 25% of the overall superstructure, basically by cutting rooms loose randomly. In your setup, what would this look like?

2) Assuming the interior of the TARDIS is reconfigurable to an extent beyond just changing the desktop theme (which in your setup probably would not affect the external look of a TARDIS at all), what would the Doctor's ship look like after centuries of travel, reconfiguration, damage recovery, and so forth? If you were to apply the logic from "The Eleventh Doctor" et. al., the swimming pool has moved from wherever it was as part of the repair process. If you took your exterior design, ripped up all the pieces, and told the TARDIS to rebuild itself from them, what would this look like?

I'm having fun just looking at your work and speculating on the above scenarios. Have you put any thought into anything like this?


EDIT - And I just realized your newer thread covers part of this. Please ignore what isn't relevant - my bad!
No worries, actually this thread will remain relevant, cause I have a design that encompasses everything we know already about the Tardis..

Basically the Jettisoning of 25% of the Tardis is from within living sections, as the massive engines of the Tardis remain in tact.. so with that logic, it is quite easy to understand how the ship can remain overall in form, and look almost the same, as the rooms in the new design addresses how they can reformat and rebuild themselves, as well as reconfigure..check out the latest post in the new thread to see the final designs for the tardis among others like the time station zenobia, and more coming soon, as that structure will answer many questions.. also, this thread will be updated in time with a total guide to the Type 40 tardis.. and it will rock!

actually Mark, I am going to take your quotes form here and address them in the other thread with the new design added for viewing..
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