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Re: Watching Farscape Season 1.

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On this board particularly, I've always read such positive things about the show, but it's not grabbing me yet at all.
Another thing you'll read on this board is that it really doesn't start getting good until the last 4 episodes of Season 1. The beginning of the season is okay, but it's the end of the season when it really finds its footing.
Like others on this board, I thought Farscape was great from Day 1. I think the reason why Season 1 doesn't grab people right away is that it can take a little getting used to. The Muppets give some the (very mistaken) impression that it's a kid's show, but then you have nudity and (PG-13 rated) sex scenes. You have episodes that are deadly serious mixed in with comedies -- and many episodes combine the two. If you're only used to things like BSG that was generally black or white in terms of its style, of course it will be an acquired taste. And not every episode is a gem, as is the case with every series without exception. In the case of Farscape, season 1 has the infamous "Jeremiah Crichton" episode which is generally considered the show's nadir - to the point where the cast and crew commentary for the episode is spent poking fun at it. Personally, I thought the episode was fine and I have my own personal choice for "worst" FS episode.

There's also the fact the show is formatted to be a slow build. Not everything is resolved in season 1, and in fact if you were to jump into Season 4 you'd go "Uh, but, I thought ..." probably every 5 minutes. Things change, sometimes rapidly, sometimes so gradually you might actually need to go back and watch a past episode. Interestingly, all that I've written in this paragraph has also been told to me regarding Lost, which is an example of a series that didn't keep my attention through the first season, but I want to go back and check it out now it's done.

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