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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

The ‘drone’ is Starfleet
That's something all of them could do with remembering. From Malik, to Icheb himself and to the Admirals such as Nechayev. The reaction to the past from both Maren and Icheb in regards the attitude of some Admirals is very telling. It speaks of a time when Icheb as it can be easily imagined was not so welcomed among the ranks of Starfleet.
A lot in this chapter to take heed of. Firstly, beaming over to the Resistance Borg ship is going to anything but uneventful. I can feel it in my waters. Malik's attitude to it is less than co-operative and like Adele [wisely] I wouldn't be so keen to trust him. The Captain and Malik have a very strained relationship. Considering Malik is the one normally in charge and the one who escaped the control of the Borg Collective, it is easy to tell that he does not take being dictated to or having terms dictated to him very well. How far will he be willing to co-operate. And even with the brains of Icheb and Maren at hand one wonders at the trickery the former drones could pull, especially once their ship is onboard.
As for Icheb and Maren. The see-saw relationship continues into Book 2, but it seems that the two of them or making some sort of progress and share some connection still, whihc both are beginning to realise even as they are tested by circumstances and one another in their relationship - whatever it is. But it seems they are able to work together. And they will need to be able to do so as things continue. There can but only be trouble ahead.
Oh and I just loved Maren's rant. It seems she really has a lot to say and affording herself the chance to tell Icheb just one thing she lets loose with her tongue and lets as much information spill out. That was fun to watch. And it shows how much has indeed been going on. And that despite some secrets at long last revealed, there are some, like whatever the resistance Borg have as their weapon and like Icheb's offer from Malik, that are yet to be laid out on the table. How these secrets play out will continue to intrigue and thicken the plot.
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