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Re: Early "Inception" Reviews

I won passes to a screening last night. I didn't have any idea what to expect going in. What little I knew is that the guy from Titanic was in a movie about worlds that move.

Turns out, that was just a wee bit off.

The movie takes place in a time when, through technology, people are able to enter others' dreams, and in a way, influence them. Corporations use them to spy on other corporations, ordinary people use them to escape from their dull lives. But, as with an onion, there are layers. And what may take a moment in the living world may be decades in the dream worlds.

Leo plays a man who has secrets. He is one of the people who enter others' dreams, trying to find out the deepest darkest secrets of these people, while holding a secret of his own that could destroy the lives of everyone around him.

The script was VERY well written. The fx were brilliant, almost everything was enjoyable.

The one minor complaint I have is that the director doesn't seem to be able to escape from Batman. Several of the main cast, and a LOT of the minor characters (extras, background peeps) had appeared in one or both of his Batman movies.

One final thing ... I only remember seeing Ellen Page in Juno and the overplayed technology commercials. I was expecting her to be an obnoxious character, since that's what I'm used to. Surprisingly, the girl can act. Who knew?
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