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Re: Trekkies or Trekkers?

Vague memories... I had read some "Making of Star Trek" (or something like that) book when I was a kid, and IIRC I came out of it stating I was a "Trekker". But I do remember that I had to stand up in front of my 8th grade English class to give a report or something, and I must have made the subject Star Trek because I remember that I had a black Nike shirt and wrote "Trekkie" on a post card and taped it to my shirt over the word Nike. I assume that I thought that was witty at the time. The early 80's are a haze... I think I must have done a little too much LDS in college...

Anyway, I like the sound of Trekker more than Trekkie. But I'm sure I'll still refer to myself as a simply a Trek fan. I really just posted this thread so I wouldn't offend anyone in the future.
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