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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

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I really like the Gallyfrean symbols on the page....

I tell you what, I like it too..not to mention I am working on a Guide to the tardis, and using that and the image shown above for that digital book.. I will update the old thread with that once all of the book is finished.

as for this thread, I wanted to do all the ships like they do int he star trek schematics thread, so from here on out, I am going to do other ships and they will be on plain white back drops..

Be looking for the Rutan ships!

Psion wrote: View Post
I'm a bit more comfortable with the re-scale, although that's still immense -- but don't take that as a criticism; indeed, the sources you cite seem to demand something a bit larger than my expectations.
yeah, but when you really think about it, it fits the goal and the needs of the ancient time lords who piloted a type 40 before the doctor got his hands on it.. you should really check out the comics from IDW, they truly show the Tardis in a way that makes you truly feel as if the ship is massive, and I suppose that is what a lot of us fans remember about the Marvel comics of the doctor..which is why most of the writers, and fans know instinctively that the Tardis is huge, beyond what the show has depicted.. though in the "invasion of Time" series, the 4th doctor is running scared from the Sontarans, and ends up leading his crew down into the Tardis, and remarks something about him being on the 24th level down..

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I'm fascinated with this project of yours, although I admit that I preferred the previous version; it was graceful and beautiful in a suspension-bridge-meets-classical-Greek-column kind of way. On the other hand, the current effort appears more practical and probably a much better utilization of the available volume.
Yeah I know, but after all that I kept finding out, and reading, and learning, it came down to the Tardis needs to have a massive room section that is modular, and free, and spins clockwise, while a massive set of rings which bend space inward to the cloister and form the vortex and maybe even a worm hole of sorts, it's a part of the fact that the tardis travels in time, and space and well with everything I have seen, it just makes sense..the design now, makes much more sense.. the beauty of the original design was there, but not practical to what a Tardis truly is within it's own dimension..

Psion wrote: View Post
And regardless of the layout, you keep turning out clean and finished artwork that belongs in a professionally bound and published volume.

Honestly, I hope you keep coming up with new ideas for the TARDIS exterior for many years to come. Your Sysiphean toils will be the stuff of my personal joy every time I click on one of your threads.
as much as I would like to keep redoing and redoing the design, I think that this model is probably the best yet.. however, let us remember that I will want to do schematics for the earlier models, which will have an arcane 1960's trek feel to it, with a more regal and steampunk look to it.

I am sure the older models of the Tardis will have a Victorian style of it's own, especially the much touted and massive Type 7 (Rassilon's personal Tardis!), not to mention the cool design of a Prototardis..

For now, if I can get the schematics for the original to stay put, the others should be easier to do... now that I have the main formula finalized as the Type 40, the others will come much easier, as the formula is pretty easy. the coolest thing will be to do the war Tardises in this new style, and showcase their weaponry..


as the Tardis jettisons it's rooms to gain extra thrust, it does so on the inside of the ring of rooms in the middle, they end up being shot directly into the swirling vortex which is produced just above the center of the ring on the top and bottom of the ship as it spins..if you can look at the design and imagine that..

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