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Re: Massive New Trek Lit Update in Star Trek Magazine

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The name of those institutions means that Britain was once an empire, even if it is not one anymore.
Similarly, Andoria was, at one point in time, an empire.
Yes, I do believe that that's what I said.

As I noted before, the presence of the word "Imperial" in an institution's name does not automatically mean that the society it belongs to engages in imperialism. I specifically cited Britain as an example, in order to counter the idea that the presence of an organization called the Andorian Imperial Guard means that Andor is imperialistic.

In any case, the passionate, warrior-nature of the andorians was established on several on-screen ocasions - even directly.
Yes, but that's not the same thing as being militant, aggressive, or imperialistic.

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Britain still is an Empire. Gibraltar, the Falklands, South Georgia, South Shetlands, Channel Islands and Diego Garcia are all our Empire consists of, outside the mother country, but still...

That's a very liberal definition of the term "empire," I'd say, especially since it's my understanding that the populaces of the inhabited overseas territories retain British citizenship and that if any of the British overseas territories were to vote for independence, the U.K. would recognize it and acquiesce.
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