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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

I'm a bit more comfortable with the re-scale, although that's still immense -- but don't take that as a criticism; indeed, the sources you cite seem to demand something a bit larger than my expectations.

I'm fascinated with this project of yours, although I admit that I preferred the previous version; it was graceful and beautiful in a suspension-bridge-meets-classical-Greek-column kind of way. On the other hand, the current effort appears more practical and probably a much better utilization of the available volume. And regardless of the layout, you keep turning out clean and finished artwork that belongs in a professionally bound and published volume.

Honestly, I hope you keep coming up with new ideas for the TARDIS exterior for many years to come. Your Sysiphean toils will be the stuff of my personal joy every time I click on one of your threads.
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