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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

137. Broadcast News [B ]
138. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels [B ]
139. Robocop 2 [C-]
140. The A-Team [C+]
141. Rushmore [A-]
142. In the Loop [B+]
143. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [A-]
144. Not Quite Hollywood [B+]
145. Mallrats [C-]
146. North by Northwest [A]
147. Chasing Amy [A-]
148. Free Enterprise [A]
149. The History Boys [B ]
150. The Sandlot [A-]
151. Three Days of the Condor [C+]
152. The Day of the Jackal [A-]
153. Predators [B-]
154. The Karate Kid [C-]
155. Top Secret! [C-]
156. Ride with the Devil [A]

Ride with the Devil: This 1999 civil war film by Ang Lee apparently went mostly unseen and unheralded when it was released. That's a shame--if it isn't a masterpiece, I'd wager it comes awfully close. The cast is brilliant, including Jeffrey Wright as a particularly standout, but even Jewel, hardly a master thespian, is acceptable in her role. The period atmosphere is detailed and spot on. And the gorgeous cinematography and a tasteful score perfectly capture the film's mood.
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