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John Carpenter's The Thing.

I just watched The Thing this morning and fell in love with it. I saw the movie one other time, a year or so ago, but this time it really registered with me. I love the great alien effects, but the real tension is between the characters, which I is true of Most great horror films.

I like how logically the story unfolds, and it keeps you just as engaged in paranoia as the characters. I think the biggest scare is the blood jumping out of the casing.

Great Ending as well. Who was The Thing? I figure neither of them at that point, but the mystery is great note to end on. I think it manages to keep suspense to the last moment while still providing a sense of closure.

Anyone care to jump on the praise bandwagon?

Also, why are there not more films with Antarctic settings? Even before seeing this, I,ve always liked the isolation of such a setting, and the cold weather costumes and other trappings.
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