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Re: Gaming on Windows 7?

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2gb RAM...
Now there's your problem. Upgrade your RAM to 3gb or more. OS's now a days recommend that you have at least 2gb of RAM just to make your OS work properly. You are relying on virtual memory to run applications and that is really a bad thing.

It is either that or you have a memory leak in which case you still need to upgrade the RAM.
^ I did have 4Gb but it turned out (after a year or so of random crashes) that one of the sticks was corrupted and so I pulled it. Regardless, as I said I'm running XP still, so the OS isn't an issue and these games I mention aren't exactly new. Hell I can run new games (ME2, Metro 2033, RF3, L4D2) at reasonably high settings without any trouble at all.

I actually got an email from rockstar tech support the other week that says the issue has suddenly become recognised and will be an addressed in a steam update, so we'll see. If they do then I'll take full credit for pushing them into it. You wouldn't belive some of the things they had me trying. I think the last one involved creating a new admin user account. Buggered if I know what difference that would make!

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There are a couple of games I had massive problems with (Fallout 1 and 2) but I expected as much since they were pretty old. I also had issues with Command and Conquer 3 which shocked me since its so new, but I was able to find a workaround
I actually got Fo1 & 2 working on XP and by got it working I mean I downloaded a patch from somewhere that someone else had made to get it to work.
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