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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

Timofnine wrote: View Post

This one, perfect!
Got it! I can use that back ground image for the rest of the ship. though I may change it and use gallifreyan text instead.. but the design behind it does convey how time travel is used..

actually let's use this version.. with the time lord symbols in the backdrop..

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Agreed with TimofNine. I'm starting to get eager to see the interior designs now...but one thing at a time!!! I'm curious about something though...
I will be working on the interior stuff here soon, since I have finalized what the Tardis is in it's own Dimension. I must admit, it took me quite a while and a long ride through so many different designs to come up with what we now see in this thread. I went through so many configurations, I started to feel like Matt Jefferies, though I am NO where near the legend of a designer as he was.. God Rest his soul...

anyhow, I have tons and tons of unused sketches, and digital designs, countless hours and studying the current hyperspace, 4th dimensional Tesseract theories, Doctor who theories and such, and so much more..

this design is kinda like a giant centrifuge..the artificial black whole in the center of the ship, the rings above the center which draw the vortex inward and creates a wormhole of sorts through which the tardis can travel.. The rooms of the Tardis revolve in a clockwise direction and are modular and sections can move upwards and downwards, or shift according to the time lord's needs..which I also understand (this makes it so they don't have to walk all over the ship to get to certain areas.) I get it now! A very easy concept to grasp mentally...which I will convey in a future drawing.. so first will come that, those interior designs will follow and most likely will start with the Tardis engines, and various rooms, and computer cores, and so on.

I have been studying classic who, and I have a grasp on their computer tech.. it seems as if the show eluded to their use of crystal technology..which makes sense, since it is highly capable of housing and processing tons of data, more so then the latest silicon processors..heck even the Kryptonians used that tech in Superman..

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
I've been wondering about seeing the Doctor dressed in full Time Lord regalia what that'd look like. It'd be an interesting side project I really hate not being able to draw.
I have some designs in the works to showcase what Time lords wore during the days of chronicling other worlds, and star systems through time..I imagine much of their clothing has remained the same throughout time..but I do have some cool variants on the outfits we have seen.. since I am starting with the Type 40 ship, this thread can chronicle the use of that ship.. but by the doctor's time the Time lords have stopped mapping the universe, and use lesser tardis ships to explore, until the Time war, where the Tardis ships were much smaller.. I have uniforms for them.. oh yes, they are sweet!

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