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Re: Watching Farscape Season 1.

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I read they are working on new episodes for online. How can they afford that and SciFi can't.
Last I heard that project was on indefinite hold (I'd also imagine it would be hard to get certain cast members back for them, anyway).

As for the "how could they afford to do them", well Sci-Fi as I understand it didn't pay for the Mini-series either. And anyway, don't equate the Syfy of today with the Sci-Fi of 7-8 years ago that had the European funding for Farscape cancelled (which I believe was what happened).

And anyway, YouTube is full of "Webisode"-style productions that cost a fraction of what "standard" TV or film costs to produce, yet are just as professionally done. I have absolutely no doubts that a Farscape webisode could be made using virtual sets. But if they don't get the original cast to come back I wouldn't be that interested in them anyway.

PS. Just finished Season 3 over the weekend and have started Season 4. For those still on Season 1 and wondering whether to muddle through, I have two words regarding Season 4: Raelee Hill.

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