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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

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Awesome...btw I flipped through the Tardis Handbook and it's got nothing on you dude. Any progress on the Doctor Who's Who?
thanks man! what do you think of this new direction? It has a better style that is more inline with the feel of what a tardis is supposed to look like in its alternate dimension... should I remove that background image? is it too distracting?

as for the who's who, I am reworking will look way better..

I still want to see that handbook though..
Looking good! Don't remove the background image totally, fade it out more so it's more of a watermark like look...
Thanks for the advice, Timofnine, I went ahead and just uploaded a plain version in place of the other, with the ship being plain as well.. (no Gallifreyan Text) But the Tardis IMHO should have Gallifreyan Text on it, which is kinda cool cause it reminds me of the new direction and addition of that text in the latest version of the ship.. plus it makes it look more ancient and uniquely time lord..

(the lighted cover above the Tardis exit doors, the text etched into the ships console, and the sides of the console, etc..)

anyhow, I faded the back ground on the new one, and will be uploading it soon..thanks again for the help!
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