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Re: Question: star trek and current events

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Also, Jake Sisko is a reporter for the Federation News Service during the Dominion War on DS9.
As an aside, some of the people who see the 24th Century Federation as a kind of stealth Orwellian regime point to the Federation News Service as evidence, but there's not much reason to believe it's state-run, or the "official" news of the Federation, any more than the USA Today or the American Broadcasting Company is. It's just a name.

More on-topic, in TUC, says she heard about the new Klingon Chancellor being inducted on the news. IIRC, the Starfleet Academy computer game (set between TFF and TUC) featured newscasters on Earth in a few of the cutscenes, expositing about current events. I don't remember any details, though, so I couldn't say if there was any way to tell if it was the Academy or Starfleet's internal news station, the San Francisco news, or a planetary or interstellar network.
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