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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

137. Broadcast News [B ]
138. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels [B ]
139. Robocop 2 [C-]
140. The A-Team [C+]
141. Rushmore [A-]
142. In the Loop [B+]
143. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [A-]
144. Not Quite Hollywood [B+]
145. Mallrats [C-]
146. North by Northwest [A]
147. Chasing Amy [A-]
148. Free Enterprise [A]
149. The History Boys [B ]
150. The Sandlot [A-]
151. Three Days of the Condor [C+]
152. The Day of the Jackal [A-]
153. Predators [B-]
154. The Karate Kid [C-]
155. Top Secret! [C-]

The Day of the Jackal: Now here's a thriller that's more like it. I haven't read the book, but judging from my brother's recollection and what I've found on wikipedia, it's a pretty close adaptation of the Frederick Forsyth novel of the same name. Edward Fox is brilliant in the role (the film may have made little money, but it's all the better for having not cast a star like Michael Caine or Jack Nicholson). His character is essentially a cipher, but the way he meticulously executes his plan (until, of course, the end) is so fascinating to watch that it doesn't matter. The only place where it loses points is the casting of French characters with British actors, which undermines the almost documentary feel that the film tries to create through the use of handheld photography, and an absence of film score (only diagetic music is used). Still, it's a minor complaint.

Predators: It doesn't break new ground, but the premise (a bunch of badasses from Earth are forced to work together to survive against a triad of Predators on another planet) is exploited to its fullest. The cast is good, particularly Adrian Brody, who might be an unlikely action hero, but he fits right in here.

The Karate Kid: Mediocre in most respects (just what kind of job is a middle-class single mom from Detroit doing in Beijing that is so important that the Chinese would pay to have her brought out to their country and put up in an apartment, on an apparently permanent basis?), this is best as a piece that finally lets Jackie Chan show of his acting chops in an English-language film. Jaden Smith is still a little brat for most of the film's run time and too young for his budding romance to have much resonance, but with his dad working behind the scenes, he'll probably continue to be working as a child actor regardless of reception. Of course, I walked into it free, so I can't complain too loudly.

Top Secret!: I forgot to add this one, which makes sense, considering my reaction to it. Unlike Airplane! it has almost no momentum. The film is a collection of sight gags, some funnier than others, but it's barely a movie.
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