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Re: Looking for a ST game (but no shooter game please)

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... if all you want to do is fly around in Star Trek ships, STO has a free demo. There is no time limitation, you can play it forever; however you'll rapidly (I.E. the first hour of play) reach a level cap and receive no new missions. But you will be able to fly around almost every zone, visit the various starbases, etc.
When I tried the STO demo it would only let me into the Sol system and the "sector space".
Have they changed it?
I believe you are correct, it's restricted to sector FS001 and the Sol system.
Sector FS001 and the Sol system would be fine, but what exactly do I have to do
to be able to fly around without battle or combat?

In the meantime I've tried it:
After creating my officer and walking around for a short while
a message popped up from the captain saying "All hands battle stations!"
and that I have got to report to him, but when I report to him he assigns
me to a mission with combat and shooting!
I couldn't find a way to just fly around. Did I miss something?

Thanks a lot!
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