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Re: Favorite Starfleet Uniform Design

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IIRC, director Nicholas Meyer had a lot of say-so in the costume design and overall art direction for TWOK -- he wanted everything to have a traditional nautical flavor. The “monster maroons” looked fine as dress or parade uniforms, but they didn't seem terribly practical or comfortable for everday duty aboard a starship. And they gave me the feeling that the cast was about to break into a chorus of “76 Trombones” at any moment.
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Pyjama uniforms are a must. Think about it - unlimited access to replicators and no TV? The crew would be as big as houses without those form-fitting uniforms and Dr McCoy's regular lypo-suction sessions.
The body-hugging uniforms that started with TNG are no problem, because in the 24th century, EVERYBODY has a great physique. Even middle-aged bald captains.
I agree that as far as Dress Uniforms (IIRC usually designated Class A is military terms) that the 'monster maroons' were my favorites.

Partly because I think they could easily be the 'Class A' variant of the Cage/WNMHGB pilot uniforms - which I think are the best for everyday (Class B) wear - except for the wider palette of divisional colors which IMO is worth consider tho I think some of the colors were used for the wrong things).

The ENT uniforms I think are the best for 'down-and-dirty' work, tho the FC unis would be good as well if some pockets were added.
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