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Re: Favorite Starfleet Uniform Design

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What is your favorite Starfleet uniform design out of the entire series? The uniforms of Star Trek's Federation Starfleet has been an interesting topic for me since some time ago. I would have to say that my favorite uniforms are the so-called "Monster Maroons," a.k.a. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan uniforms, continuing up to just a few years or so prior to Star Trek: The Next Generation. I like the maroon red jacket/coat colors to begin with, and the black trousers complete the look. They actually look quite formal, elegant, and sharp, in my opinion, which may be why the design appeals to me so much. My least favorite design however, would have to be the uniforms featured in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, as to me, they far too much resembled pyjamas, rather than uniforms of any sort. They were very... outlandish. Too stereotypically "futuristic," as in something from a B movie, no offence intended for those that believe it's a good design. Just my opinion.
Well it is all good to have an opinion but i would think most scientist designers would disagree with you completely .The uniform in the Motion Picture seems to be standard view how futuristic uniform should look like. Very comfortable and light and a lot better then heavy nautical inspired uniforms in The Wrath of Kahn.

Well, that's true, I do like the nautical/navy inspired look of The Wrath of Khan uniforms. But wait, didn't the Star Trek cast have trouble with putting on The Motion Picture uniforms? I remember reading that it took quite a lot of time to have them put on for the filming. If that is how they're actually constructed, I don't find them practical at all, and they certainly weren't very elegant, in my opinion.
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